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  1. First Auto Transport is the #1 auto transport company in Lubbock, TX with a very good rating based on 50+ data points.
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Lubbock Auto Transport

Relocating to and from Lubbock with your car? Caravan Auto Transport works hard to find the best auto shipping company for your vehicle hauling challenges.

Enjoying a lower cost of living, slow-paced and relaxed lifestyle, picturesque landscape with rolling hills, and short daily commutes, Lubbock residents are lucky to have a higher quality of life than average Americans. It’s the world’s biggest contiguous cotton-growing region and the South Plains’ economic, education, and health care hub. Despite experiencing consistent development over the years, the city still has a charming vibe with a friendly community you just can’t walk away from. Known as a college town, it’s home to Texas Tech University, with 36,000 students and one of the country’s top engineering programs. Locals love the university’s football team and proudly wear red to every game. The abundance of graduates and talents contribute to the multitude of career opportunities available in the city. The manufacturing industry remains the biggest employer, but the business processing and start-up industries are slowly growing and attracting more people. With new residents coming in, the city has also experienced a boom in the retail, food and beverage, and real estate sectors.

Like how the song goes, everyone who comes can “Lubbock or leave it.” Combining a vibrant big city life with small-town charm, this city is a hidden gem in the state of Texas. Whether you’re moving for a few months, years, or for good, Caravan Auto Transport ensures you get your bearings and cruise around the city easily. It simplifies the moving process by getting your requirements and matching you with licensed and insured vehicle transporters in Lubbock who specialize in safe and secure car hauling solutions. You can compare quotes and book your door-to-door auto shipping services instantly for a hassle-free moving experience.