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  1. A-1 Freeman Moving Group is the #1 auto transport company in Wichita Falls, TX with a fabulous rating.
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The Wichita Falls area was inhabited by Native Americans until settlers developed the town as a ranching and farming community in the late 1800s. Then, the discovery of oil in the early 1900s caused a population boom. Located on the Wichita River, just 15 miles south of the Oklahoma border and 115 miles northwest of Fort Worth, Wichita Falls is a thriving regional city with a strong economy. Top employers include Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls Independent School District, and the United Regional Health Care System. Sheppard Air Force Base houses the largest technical training wing of the Air Force, plus the world's only multinational training program, producing combat pilots for NATO and USAF. Midwestern State University and Wayland Baptist University both offer bachelor's and master's degrees. 

Wichita Falls covers 71 square miles and is surrounded for miles by small towns, ranches, and farmland. No doubt about it, you'll need a car to get around this region of Texas. If you're moving to or from Wichita Falls, are you considering shipping your car? Moves can be a hassle and shipping your vehicle can ease the stress. Maybe you're enrolling at one of Wichita Falls universities. If so, having your car transported to campus can be surprisingly affordable and is certainly convenient. Car shipping becomes even more desirable when you use Caravan Auto Transport. At Caravan, we vet all the car transport companies in our North Texas network so you don't have to. We make sure they're not only professional and reputable but also licensed and insured. Simply request our free quotes and you'll quickly be connected with Wichita Falls' best car shipping companies.