Expedited Auto Transport

Need to ship your car in a hurry? There can be many reasons to do so. Maybe you’re on a tight moving schedule or have to get to an auto show on time. Or maybe you just received new PCS orders in the military. Whatever the reason, you need expedited car shipping!

Express auto delivery can really take the pressure off your shoulders. It allows you to focus your time and energy on what counts (instead of having to drive yourself or worry about your vehicle arriving on time via standard transport). But who can you trust?

Caravan Auto Transport is here to help! We offer a wide network of fully vetted, licensed, and insured carriers that specialize in getting your ride somewhere fast. Reliable, quick, and safe, our partners provide outstanding services. Click now for a free estimate in just minutes!

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What is Express Car Delivery?

When you’re in a pinch, expedited auto delivery definitely comes in handy. What exactly is classified as express transport? Most car shipping companies define expedited delivery by the wait time. For example, standard shipping may take approximately two weeks for pickup, whereas fast shipment means the carrier can deliver in under a week (in as little as 2-3 days, depending on the origin and destination).

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Advantages of Fast Car Shipping

If you need to get your ride somewhere fast, expedited transport is the way to go. Let’s take a look at the benefits of doing so.

Quicker Delivery

Your time matters. As we mentioned already, express car transport is defined more so by the wait time to secure a driver and when they can pick up your vehicle. With expedited service, the time can be cut down from a few weeks to a matter of one or two days (or sooner). Caravan Auto Transport can connect you with carriers that fit your needs and get your car somewhere ASAP.

Guaranteed Pickup

Need your car picked up on a particular date? As opposed to non-expedited shipping services, fast transport can offer this huge advantage. No need to wonder when the hauler will arrive. This can be handy for work, a car show, military reassignment, and a host of other situations in which timing is key. Make sure to book a carrier that can offer you the exact date you need for pick up. 

Door-to-Door Service

Along with a shorter pickup wait and locked-in pickup date, there’s also door-to-door service. This is one of the most convenient ways to have your auto delivered anywhere in the country. From your current location to the drop-off destination, a hauler can take care of everything.

Keep in mind that, if you live in a more rural area or there are tricky roads and obstacles, you might have to meet up with your transporter at a parking lot or other spot close by.

Storage Options

Need to have your auto picked up quickly, but won’t be able to use or receive it right away? There’s always a car storage option. Many auto shippers also provide storage services, and we make it a breeze to find the right fit. Be sure to let your shipper of choice know that you require this service. They will be happy to help you out!

Full Insurance Coverage

It pays to be covered. In the event that something happens on the road – a highway accident, severe weather damage, scratches from flying debris – you’ll be able to recoup your losses via strict insurance standards.  

Every partner that Caravan Auto Transport works with is highly qualified, licensed, and insured. This provides great peace of mind, especially if you’re shipping a high-value or beloved classic, luxury, or exotic vehicle. Experience the difference today!


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