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Life can take you on a big adventure. Whether you’re moving, traveling, selling a vehicle, or attending a car show, you might be asking yourself how to get your wheels to or from another country. Though it’s not exactly a cheap option, international auto shipping is a lot less expensive than buying a new vehicle. Not to mention it can save a ton of wear and tear on your ride.

If you’re headed to or from an adjacent country (say Canada or Mexico), you can bypass the long driving, road expenses, and possible auto damage with land transport. However, if you have to cross the ocean, you’ll have to ship via oceanic transport or air freight. Relocating a vehicle overseas is serious business, so you need a specialized transporter. Caravan Auto Transport offers free shipping estimates from fully vetted, licensed, and insured carriers. Click now for your complimentary quote… it takes just minutes!

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Ship Your Vehicle Overseas

From selling a collectible car to relocating to a new home to traveling the globe, there are myriad reasons to transport your car overseas. Let’s focus on the three main auto types: personal vehicles, motorcycles, and motorhomes.

Personal Vehicles

From sedan to supercar, you have two main options: ship by ocean or transport by plane.

Oceanic hauling is more cost-effective but slower than air shipping. As with any other auto type, there are several main factors that affect transport cost: service (and shipping company), size, weight, travel distance, delivery time, and location. Shipping a passenger vehicle internationally comes with the added complication of rules, regulations, and customs paperwork. With the assistance of a trustworthy shipper, however, it’s a lot easier of an undertaking.


Have your eyes set on a bucket list ride on the roads of a new country? Need to get your bike back home or to a new owner?

You have a few choices. If you’re not overly concerned about time, oceanic shipping is a cost-effective way to send your ride across the sea. You can either have it crated or securely placed in a container with other motorcycles for greater savings.

Again, if you need speedier delivery, shipping your motorcycle by plane is a fantastic option. Just remember that it will cost more than transport by boat.


From RVs to campers to conversion buses, a motorhome can provide a cozy living space and convenient mobility while on the road internationally.

Since these are big vehicles, there is essentially one option for transport: Roll-on, Roll-off (aka RoRo). RoRo basically entails driving your vehicle onto a vessel and then driving it off at its port of destination. Keep in mind, your motorhome should be operational.

When selecting a transport company, you’ll want to consider customs clearance services, shipping costs, and delivery schedule. Also, unlike passenger cars, you’ll have to either drive it yourself or have it delivered to the port.

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International Car Shipping Services

Now that we’ve discussed the main kinds of autos that can be transported by boat or aircraft, let’s take a look at available transport options.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Highly convenient, this method of shipping covers full transport from your vehicle’s current location to its new destination.

Along with immediate pickup and delivery, many companies offer services outside of standard business hours. This can be advantageous for those on a tight schedule. Basically, this option provides a high level of flexibility.

Keep in mind that this service is typically reserved for personal autos and motorcycles. If you have a motorhome, you’ll need to arrange transport to and from the port yourself.

Port-to-Port Shipping

Highly cost-effective (especially compared to door-to-door auto shipping service), port-to-port shipping is a popular pick.

This typically involves one of two shipping options: Roll-on, Roll-off (RoRo), or container shipping. RoRo is cheaper, but a container provides a greater safeguard against theft and the effects of severe weather and saltwater during transport.

Though less expensive, you’ll need to deliver and collect your car at the shipping location.

Roll-On/Roll-Off Shipping

Looking for even greater savings? Roll-on, Roll-off might be just the ticket!

As mentioned before, RoRo basically entails driving a vehicle onto a boat and then driving it off at its arrival port. It’s a cost-effective way to ship your work or family vehicle, for instance, granted you’re okay with it being exposed to the elements.

Ocean Container Car Shipping

As opposed to RoRo, which exposes vehicles to the elements, ocean container auto shipping offers the protection of a closed container.

This type of transport comes in two choices: consolidated container and sole use container. To save money, a consolidated container is a great pick. But if you’re looking for an even more secure option, a sole use container is ideal for valued or valuable autos.

Air Freight

Have a rare or high-value car? Need to get your vehicle to its new destination as soon as possible? Simply put, auto shipping by air is the best way to go for increased efficiency and protection.

From classics to customs to exotics, airplane transport provides expedited travel for your cherished ride. The added safety and special handling also offer greater peace of mind. But, of course, this convenient service comes at a premium.

Military Car Shipping

Due to how often military members can move (and with short notice), it’s important to know who you can rely on for safe & secure international car shipping.

Whether by ship or plane, many companies offer discounts. In some cases, the government will cover the cost of transporting a personally owned vehicle (POV) for a member of the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, or Coast Guard. Always inquire about these details.


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