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Whether you’re selling or buying, car auctions are a great way to do both! But how do you pick up or drop off the said vehicle? You could drive it yourself. But if you don’t have the time or ability to do so, it’s super convenient to hire professional auto auction transport.

On a tight schedule? Can’t drive yourself or the distance is too long? Don’t want wear & tear on your vehicle? If an auction house is too far away – maybe in another state or on an island like Hawaii or Puerto Rico – you’ll need to book a transporter. For the best safety & protection, you need a carrier that’s thoroughly vetted, qualified, and experienced.

Enter Caravan Auto Transport. We work with the best in the business! Simply request a free estimate, compare services, and enjoy a stress-free experience. Top-rated (and affordable) auction car shipping is just a click away… get your complimentary quotes today!

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Shipping Services to Get Your Car to Auction

Shipping your auction vehicle saves time, money, and potential damage. Let’s take a look at the options for shipping a car to auction:

Open Carrier

Looking for a cost-effective service? Open transport is the most popular pick (as well as most affordable) when it comes to the main options for transport.

As the name implies, a vehicle is securely placed on a truck with no walls or roof. You’ll need to keep this in mind since the auto will be exposed to potential severe weather and damage from flying debris. If this isn’t a big concern, open-air delivery offers a blend of convenience and affordability. If you’re looking for more protection, consider an enclosed carrier.


Have an exotic, classic, or custom-painted car? Want to fully safeguard your investment? From high-value to beloved auto, enclosed shipment provides full peace of mind.

Special vehicles deserve special handling. As opposed to open delivery, an enclosed carrier offers the protection of covered truck transport. There are two options: soft-sided or hard-sided trucks. If you want or need an auto to arrive in pristine condition, this is definitely the to go!

Non-Operable Vehicle

Sometimes, you have a car that’s just not running. This can range from vintage vehicles to project rides without a motor. Whatever the case, you’ll need additional help.

Auto-shipping companies offer a few options for transporting non-working vehicles. These include winching systems and forklift services. You need to hire someone with the right equipment, knowledge, and manpower to safely load and unload the auto. Whether the engine doesn’t run or it’s simply unsafe to drive, a reputable carrier can provide the expert handling you require.

Online Auto Auctions

Online car auctions are a fantastic way to buy or sell a car. But how do you get the vehicle to a prospective buyer at the auction house or bring it home if you’re the purchaser? The best way is through a trustworthy vehicle shipper.

Keep in mind it’s crucial to find the right fit for your exact auto. Also, make sure that your hauler of choice knows all the details of your car, including whether it runs or not. Caravan makes it simple to hire a fully licensed and insured delivery service!

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Auto Auctions Served

Here are some of the top auction houses that our network serves:


Copart Auction House, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, specializes in online auctions. Utilizing leading-edge technology, the company has over 200 locations in 11 countries.

With an impressive daily count – the auction group offers no less than 175,000 autos per day – Copart is a leader in used, salvage, and wholesale car sales. Their inventory covers more than 8,000 acres, ensuring buyers find exactly what they’re looking for.


As the proclaimed leader of live auctions (particularly for classics & collectibles), Mecum Auctions is purported to sell more than anyone else.

Offering everything from entry-level to investment-level autos, Mecum also specializes in memorabilia (ranging from classic gas pumps to tractors to farm antiques). Established in 2011 and headquartered in Walworth, Wisconsin, it’s one of the best!


Looking to buy or sell a vehicle with light damage or salvage/clear title? IAA (Insurance Auto Auctions) deals in everything from motorcycles to parts cars to heavy equipment.

Whether a car is a total loss, slightly damaged, or low-value, IAA is the top pick for finding deals. Found in more than 170 countries, the auction company works with buyers, sellers, dealerships, rental car companies, and even non-profit organizations.


Comprising nearly 150 auctions globally, Manheim – the company is headquartered in Atlanta – is considered the largest wholesale car auction in the world!

Established in 1945, Manheim offers a wide range of wholesale car services (both online and physical solutions). This results in the company offering almost six million vehicles per year (at a combined value of approximately $60 billion).


Considered “The World’s Greatest Car Collector Auction,” Barrett-Jackson is renowned for its jaw-dropping vehicles. From vintage Ferraris to American Muscle, this auction – it’s been running for more than 50 years – is a car enthusiast’s dream!

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona (as well as Houston, Las Vegas, and Palm Beach), Barrett-Jackson auctions are televised to millions of viewers worldwide. In-attendance visitors number over 500,000 for all four locations per year. If you want to see (plus buy & sell) the best of the best, as well as mingle with amazing people, this is the place to go!


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