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You’ve bought the classic car of your dreams – or the person who bought your collectible car lives cross-country – or you need to ship your antique to a show. Whatever the reason, how do you ship that one-of-a-kind vintage car safely and securely? Classic and antique cars require a level of service that exceeds normal car transportation methods. Damage is not an option. Really, the only way to guarantee your peace of mind is to ship with classic car specialists who only use enclosed carriers. Caravan Auto Transport offers free quotes from licensed, insured car transporters around the country who are classic car experts. They have the experience and know-how to get your precious vehicle delivered from Point A to Point B without a scratch. You’ll appreciate the level of service that a professional, experienced classic or antique auto hauler can provide.

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Reasons to Ship Your Classic with Pro Car Haulers

Whether you’ve been driving your classic for years, or just bought the antique car of your dreams, your vintage automobile is important to you. If you’re looking to ship it, you’re going to want to hire a company that specializes in moving classic or antique vehicles. Shipping a delicate, high-value vehicle demands a level of care that not every auto transport company can provide.

Once you’ve received your quotes from Caravan Auto Transport, make sure to choose a shipper that has a strong track record of safe, smooth classic car transport. Your vehicle is one of a kind, so you’ll want to take the time to look into the backgrounds of the companies that will be handling its transportation. Look up reviews online, check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for safety records, and even speak to other classic car owners.

Then, you’ll need to decide between an open or enclosed trailer. When it comes to shipping an expensive, unique automobile, you’ll most probably opt to go with an enclosed trailer. An open-air carrier exposes your car to the elements and a level of risk that you probably don’t want to chance. Classic cars are irreplaceable and once they’ve been damaged, their value is often diminished, so an enclosed carrier seems preferable. If you do opt for an open carrier, you can ask that your car be top-loaded to reduce the risk from dirt and flying road debris. But when in doubt, enclosed is the way to go because it reduces the risk of damage in transit.

Vintage car experts recommend using non-stacking enclosed trailers to prevent oil and fluids from dripping down from cars on the upper level. Shippers who specialize in classic car transport offer drop deck or unique lift gates to provide easy loading for cars with lower clearance. Some companies offer additional innovative equipment such as E-track flooring, climate controlled hauling, advanced articulating ramps, and customized tie-down systems. You’ll want to determine the level of care your baby needs and deserves beforehand, then include the details in your quote request.

Finally, the best reason to use a professional classic car transporter is to avoid wear and tear on your vehicle, along with limiting extra miles. Every mile stresses an older car, and the chance of it breaking down or being damaged on the open road is significantly higher than for  a modern-day car. Owning a classic car is an investment in your future. The best way to protect that investment is to give it the care only a top-quality classic auto transportation service can deliver.

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What to Look for When Choosing Classic Car Transporters

When looking for a classic car transporter several criteria help to determine who’s best equipped to handle your car’s needs. Following are a few tips for choosing the right auto delivery service.

Competitive Quote

As in other industries, you get what you pay for. The same is true in the car shipping industry. The cheapest quote is not always the best or safest choice. Transport pricing reflects many factors, including the price of the transporting equipment. When you receive a suspiciously low quote for hauling your classic car, you’re most likely dealing with a company that has sub-par equipment or is cutting corners somehow. While every company we work with is vetted, it always pays to do your homework when it comes to quotes and pricing.

Licensing and Insurance

Caravan Auto Transport works exclusively with licensed, insured companies. This is especially important when transporting a vintage vehicle. You’ll want to make sure the transport company you choose is fully covered to protect and insure your custom auto, should anything unexpected happen. Remember, enclosed auto transporters typically carry higher insurance to meet the needs of their higher-end clientele.


Collector/classic cars are typically valuable and irreplaceable, so you need to make sure the auto transport companies that are providing you with quotes specialize in this type of transport. Shipping a classic car requires specific equipment and knowledge that regular carriers don’t have. Do your research and make sure your top contenders have the goods!

Enclosed Carrier Transport

Enclosed auto transport is the preferred mode of transportation for antique and collector cars. The smaller size carrier with completely closed hard sides and top provides superior protection for vehicles compared to soft-sided or open carriers. Enclosed shipping is usually more expensive than open, but given the value of your auto – whether it’s purely of sentimental value or more of a financial investment – it’s worth choosing the higher end option.

Hydraulic Lifts

Car transporters that specialize in collectible or vintage cars know that older cars with lower clearance need a lift gate instead of a ramp to prevent the bottom from getting scratched or damaged. These lift gates are only available on enclosed trailers. We ensure that you’ll only deal with experienced shippers who know which equipment is optimal for your car’s move.

Car Protection

The best classic car transporters offer a higher level of protection for your vehicle than regular carriers. You’ll want to ask how your vehicle will be secured and protected during transit. In addition to hydraulic lift gates and enclosed transport, you’ll be looking for service such as climate control, nylon wheel saddles for tie-downs vs. chains, cloth covers for car exteriors, etc. These precautions will ensure your car arrives in pristine condition.

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