What is Terminal-to-Terminal Auto Transport?

What exactly is terminal-to-terminal car transport? In a nutshell, it’s when you’re responsible for dropping off your vehicle at a designated location (terminal or depot) and picking it up at the terminal of destination. A terminal is where the transporter collects and delivers your auto.

How does this differ from door-to-door auto shipping? As we mentioned, you are responsible for delivering your car to the designated transport hub. Either yourself or someone you designate can do so. With door-to-door service, the transporter covers the whole process. This might sound like a better option, but terminal-to-terminal service does have its advantages.

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Benefits of Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping

Interested in the advantages of terminal-to-terminal auto transport? Let’s take a look!

Lower Cost

If you don’t need your vehicle picked up or delivered from your place of residence (or anywhere else your vehicle is stored), then this option makes a ton of sense. Door-to-door delivery is convenient, but it tends to cost quite a bit more than terminal services.

Have a tighter budget? If you’re fine with dropping off and picking up your car at a designated transport hub, then this can save you money. However, keep in mind that this can be offset by any additional services you might need. These costs might include a tow truck, travel expenses, and storage fees if you plan on not picking your vehicle up right away.

Since terminals are regularly visited by transporters that carry multiple vehicles in the same area, the company is able to pass on the savings to you. 

Greater Flexibility

Going with a terminal option can provide you with a ton of flexibility.

First, you are completely in control of when you want to take your vehicle to the terminal (as well as when you want to collect it). There’s no need to coordinate with your transporter. This affords you the freedom to choose the dates and times that suit your schedule.

Second, you have the option of “storing” your vehicle – it’s safe & secure sitting at the terminal for a reasonable amount of time – until you are ready to pick it up. You can also arrange for someone else to drop off and/or pick up your car (including a local towing truck service), saving you the time and energy of having to do it yourself.

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