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  1. Countryside Auto Transport Inc. is the #1 auto transport company in Green Bay, WI with a superb rating.
  2. Allied Van Lines is the #2 auto transport company in Green Bay, WI with a fabulous rating based on 200+ data points.
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Green Bay Auto Transport  

Looking to transport your vehicle to or from Green Bay? Caravan Auto Transport connects you with free quotes from eastern Wisconsin's best car shipping companies!

With thirteen NFL titles, the Green Bay Packers are responsible for the city's nickname, Titletown USA. Located in eastern Wisconsin on Green Bay and separated from Lake Michigan by the gorgeous Door Peninsula, Titletown USA is a major shipping center.  Residents love Green Bay for its beautiful four seasons and varied year-round recreation, from summer sailing to winter snowshoeing. The great quality of life is punctuated by family-friendly values, a spirited progressive vibe, and a strong business community. All this terrific well-being can be had for an affordable price tag – the overall cost of living is 18% lower than the national average. In particular, housing is very affordable with a median home cost of about $85,000 lower than the national average.  

Whether commuting or day-tripping, you'll want your car to get around Green Bay's 56 square miles. Shipping your car to or from Green Bay is an affordable and efficient choice, whether you're moving or are a snowbird who flies south for the winter. Many people find relocating several family vehicles is challenging. Auto shipping solves the challenge. Shipping saves miles on the odometer, especially for snowbirds who make two trips annually. Whatever your reason for needing a vehicle transport company, Caravan Auto Transport makes finding the best easy. Forget about all that research. Caravan has already done it for you. Every vehicle shipper in our Green Bay network is pre-vetted. We only connect you to top-rated, licensed, and insured vehicle transporters. Request your complimentary quotes now to quickly find Green Bay's best auto shippers!