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  1. Door to Door Moving and Storage is the #1 auto transport company in Providence, RI with a fabulous rating based on 4150+ data points.
  2. East Coast Auto Transport is the #2 auto transport company in Providence, RI with a fabulous rating.
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Providence Auto Transport

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Interested in living in the largest city in America’s smallest state? As the capital of Rhode Island, Providence is a place of immense history and creativity, which has earned it the nickname the Creative Capital. It’s easily the most dynamic city in New England, home to some of the best schools in the United States (including Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University) and booming art and culture scene. Filled with intellectuals and artsy types, Providence is also highly culturally diverse. Into cuisine, historic architecture, and rich history? You’ll love it here! And if you’re not impressed yet, how about beaches? Yes, you heard that right… beaches. Situated along Narragansett Bay, Providence residents are spoiled with beautiful beach areas and green spaces. As for downsides, you have to be aware of New England weather (particularly snowy winters). Also, the city is notorious for potholes. But that seems like a small price to pay for living in one of the best cities not only on the East Coast but all of America!

As the biggest city in Rhode Island, Providence is home to around 180,000 citizens and spans nearly 21 square miles. The walkability score is actually pretty decent, but public transit has room for improvement. If you want to visit surrounding areas – popular destinations include Boston, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and New York City – you’ll want to consider bringing your vehicle. That’s where Caravan Auto Transport comes in! Via our network of highly qualified and experienced car shipping companies, you’ll enjoy a smooth transition to your new home. Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying writing your new chapter. Plus, it’s super easy to book Providence auto transport services with our free estimates. Compare and save today!