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  1. Global Auto Transportation | Little Rock is the #1 auto transport company in Little Rock, AR with a very good rating.
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Little Rock Auto Transport

Looking to transport your vehicle to or from Little Rock? Caravan Auto Transport connects you with free quotes from the area’s best car shipping companies!

Located on the south bank of the Arkansas River, Little Rock is the economic, transportation, governmental, and cultural hub of Arkansas. The City of Roses is the state's capital and new residents are lured by the low cost of living, thriving economy, and great quality of life. Affordable home prices mean that about 66% of the population own their homes. Annual festivals and celebrations, performing arts, expos, sports, and concerts happen throughout the year. The city's natural beauty is easy to access along rivers, wetlands, and lakes, 50 parks, and the 15 miles of the Arkansas River Trail. Downtown and thirteen National Register Historic Districts are full of great restaurants, boutiques, pubs, and entertainment. Explore cultural venues like the Arkansas Arts Center, the Governor's Mansion, MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History, and many restored historic homes. The Arkansas Civil Rights Heritage Trail starts at the Old State House and ends at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum.

You'll want to hop in your car to investigate Little Rock's 117 square miles and the beautiful surrounding countryside. There are a number of reasons why shipping your car to Little Rock is a wise choice. Maybe you don't have enough drivers to relocate many household vehicles or you're starting a new job immediately and don't have time for a road trip. Caravan Auto Transport can solve any vehicle moving dilemma. At Caravan, we make sure every auto carrier company in our network is fully insured and licensed. Simply request our free quotes and we’ll connect you with Little Rock's top-rated car haulers.