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Wyoming, the least populous state in the nation, is as stunning as it is fascinating. On its 63,319 miles of roadways, you’ll enjoy epic-scale scenery and sites that are significant to U.S. culture and history. US-191 weaves through the extraordinary Tetons and Jackson Hole, a favorite of A-listers and wilderness seekers. You can experience the wonders of an ancient inland sea in the region of US-30 around Kemmerer or explore the birth of women’s suffrage on WY-28, the Wyoming Women’s Suffrage Pathway. And then there’s astonishing Yellowstone National Park!

You really can’t access the impressive beauty, history, and culture of Wyoming without a car. Did you know that auto transport can be one of the most affordable and convenient ways to relocate vehicles? If your household has many types of wheels, save stress moving them and hire an auto carrier. If you’ve just sold a classic car, save precious odometer miles and employ an auto carrier. Caravan Auto Transport is your go-to service for finding the safest and most trustworthy auto haulers. At Caravan, we thoroughly vet every auto carrier in our network to ensure they’re fully licensed, insured, and reputable. We also offer free quotes to make your search even more straightforward. Don’t wait – get your free quotes now!

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Things to Know About Driving in the Equality State

  • Miles of Roadway: 63,319
  • Major Interstates
    • North-South: I-25 runs from the Montana border south to the Colorado border.
    • East-West: I-80 goes from the Nebraska border west to the Utah border. I-90 runs from the South Dakota border west to connect with I-25.
  • Average Commute Time: At 17.8 minutes, the 3rd shortest commute in the U.S.
  • Most Popular Car: Ford Explorer

Steps to Take After Shipping Your Vehicle to Wyoming

After the auto hauler delivers your car, you’ll be anxious to pack it up and start exploring Wyoming. However, before you start driving, be sure to take these additional steps:

1. Understand Wyoming Residency

This step only applies if you’re relocating from another state and plan to establish your permanent and principal residence in Wyoming (this step does not apply to temporary residents like college students or snowbirds). Wyoming legally requires new residents to take specific steps regarding auto insurance, registration, and more based upon the date you establish residency. It may be challenging to determine an exact date, but the state suggests residency is established if you can show:

  • A deed or signed lease or mortgage on a Wyoming property
  • You’ve sold or downsized your home in your former state
  • You stay in Wyoming more than any other state (log your time)
  • You’ve registered to vote and actively vote in Wyoming
  • You’ve obtained a Wyoming driver’s license and have registered your vehicles in WY

2. Update Your Insurance to Comply with WY Laws

In Wyoming, you must purchase an auto insurance policy within 30 days of establishing residency. The minimum liability insurance coverage required is:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per injured person/$50,000 per accident: Helps cover expenses for people injured in an accident that is your fault.
  • $20,000 in property damage liability: Helps cover expenses for a vehicle or property damaged in an accident that is your fault.

You may want to consider increasing your liability coverage to reduce your risk if you cause an accident. And since liability insurance doesn’t cover you or your car (only the persons or property you injure), you may also wish to purchase collision, comprehensive, or an umbrella policy.

3. Title and Register Your Vehicle

If you bring a vehicle into Wyoming from out of state, you must apply for title and registration within 30 days of your arrival. You’ll need to:

  • Have your vehicle inspected and VIN verified by local law enforcement, and bring the form with you to your appointment.
  • Provide out-of-state registration documents
  • Provide your title or lien holder’s information, including name, address, and phone number
  • Show proof of WY auto insurance

4. Obtain a Valid Wyoming Driver License

You must obtain a Wyoming driver’s license within one year of establishing residency. However, if you have a license from Massachusetts, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan, or Wisconsin, you must apply for your Wyoming driver’s license as soon as you establish residency. Apply in person at the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT), where you’ll take a vision test, be photographed, and may need to take a written or road skills test at the discretion of the WYDOT examiner. Be prepared to provide the following documents:

  • One proof of identity
  • Two proofs of your current WY residence address (a P.O. Box is not acceptable)
  • Proof of your social security number
  • Your valid out-of-state driver’s license, which you will surrender

5. General Rules of the Road

Each state establishes its own set of driving laws. Study Wyoming’s rules to ensure you know how to be a safe driver. Here are a few of the basics to get you started:

  • All passengers and drivers must wear seatbelts.
  • Children under nine must ride in a child or booster seat appropriate to their size.
  • Drivers must yield to all emergency vehicles.
  • At intersections without a signal, you must come to a full stop and yield to the right.
  • Turning right on a red traffic signal is permitted if you come to a full stop first and yield to oncoming traffic.
  • When you approach a bus with flashing red lights, you must come to a stop unless the bus is on the other side of a divided highway.
  • Speed limits are:
    • 80 mph on interstate highways
    • 70 mph on four-lane divided highways
    • 65 mph on urban freeways
    • 55 mph on unpaved roads
    • 30 mph within city limits
    • 20 mph in school zones
  • Drivers are prohibited from texting while operating a vehicle. There are no restrictions on making or receiving calls or talking while driving. Learn more about texting laws here.
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Top 3 Places to Go for a Drive (After Shipping Your Car) in Wyoming

The open roads are calling your name. Load Song of Wyoming and some other classic road trip tunes on your playlist. Then when the vehicle transporter delivers your car, you’ll be ready to pack up and hit the highway. Here are three of the best drives that will introduce you to Wyoming’s epic scenery, iconic Old West towns, fascinating Native American history, and so much more:

1. Western Wyoming

Follow parts of I-80, US-189, -89, and -30, through 285 miles of wilderness, punctuated by small towns and historical attractions. You can trace the footsteps of adventuresome mountain men and women, hike or drive to extraordinary vistas, and investigate Western culture in museums and attractions.

  • Evanston. Near the Utah border in southwestern Wyoming, Evanston has the only complete locomotive roundhouse from the Union Pacific line. The turntables and bays are still operational in this historic building. Also, visit the Uinta County Museum.
  • Fort Bridger State Historic Site. From Evanston, head east on I-80 to the 19th-century fur-trading post that served as a critical supply stop for wagon trains. The reconstructed post and interpretive archaeological site are fascinating to tour.
  • Kemmerer-Fossil Butte National Monument. North of Fort Bridger, you can marvel over the insect, plant, fish, reptile, bird, and mammal fossils found in the formations above the Twin Creek Valley. Join the mid-June to late-August quarry program where you can learn about ongoing research and help rangers find fossils. Explore the trails that radiate from the visitor center.
  • Afton. Visit the Star Valley Historical Society to get a sense of the past. Then, check out a site worth seeing – The Intermittent Spring about five miles east of Afton in Swift Creek Canyon. It’s only one of three springs in the world that flows at predictable intervals.
  • Alpine. Recreation abounds in Alpine, where three rivers flow into the Palisades Reservoir. Depending on when you’re there, you can enjoy the Winter Jubilee, Mountain Days, or Alpine Car Show.
  • Jackson Hole. With extraordinary vistas of the rugged Tetons, Jackson Hole is upscale Old West. Take the tram up 4,139 feet to 360-degree views of Grand Teton National Park and Bridger-Teton National Forest. From world-class wilderness recreation to a glamorous cowboy vibe, it’s no wonder Jackson Hole attracts celebrities and A-listers.
  • Yellowstone National Park. You’ll arrive at Yellowstone’s south entrance. Get ready to be wowed in the park’s 2 million acres of wildlife and rugged natural beauty. You’ve probably seen photos, but encountering iconic sights like Lower Falls and Old Faithful, bison and bears, are memorable lifetime experiences.

2. A Drive Through Wyoming’s Past

A grand 400-mile drive will take you through the eastern plains and connect to various cultural resources and historical sites, eventually ending in Yellowstone’s east entrance. Starting briefly on I-90, then to WY-111, -24, and US-14, this trip will show you how life evolved during various periods in history, from the ancient inland sea to the Plains Indians through to today. There’s lots to see on this drive, but here are some highlights:

  • Vore Buffalo Jump. Head up WY-24 to the Vore Buffalo Jump where, for about 300 years, Plains Indians trapped buffalo. The site is open during the summer months. Listen to staff members describe how the sinkhole formed a part of indigenous people’s culture and history.
  • Aladdin. Step back in time – to 1896 – at the Aladdin General Store. Replenish your trip supplies, plus you can buy fishing gear, western wear, hardware, sarsaparilla, and even antiques!
  • Devils Tower National Monument. On WY-110, four scenic trails wind through the monument. The 867-foot rock tower is sacred to several Plains Indian tribes who still hold ceremonies there. The visitor center runs ranger programs like astronomy, night sky viewing, and guided hikes. When there, you may recognize the tower from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
  • Gillette. Take a stroll through the Frontier Auto Museum to see an old general store, classic car museum, and antique shop. Old gas pumps, neon signs, and transportation do-dads will give you a sense of how people traveled the open road in bygone days.
  • Worland. Visit the Washakie Museum & Cultural Center to see exhibits on archaeology, paleontology, and how early settlers lived in the Bighorn Basin.
  • Cody. The Buffalo Bill Center of the West could captivate you for at least half a day. Five institutions are housed in one complex and include the Whitney Western Art, Cody Firearms, Draper Natural History, Plains Indian, and Buffalo Bill museums.
  • Yellowstone National Park. You’ll enter the park at the east entrance. Although Yellowstone is open all year, most roads are closed to vehicles in the winter when visitors travel in snow coaches or with a guide on a snowmobile. In the fall, wildlife is active, and foliage is colorful. Spring is the least crowded season, and be sure to book your reservations early if you’ll be visiting in summer.

3. From the Rockies to the Tetons

This 475-mile adventure starts on I-80 in southeastern Wyoming at the university town of Laramie. The trip will connect to US-297 in Rawlins and then to US-26 west to the Tetons. Along the way, you can stop to hike, cycle, or immerse yourself in the frontier, women’s suffrage, and Native American history.

  • Laramie. At the Wyoming House for Historic Women, study the exhibits that honor the first women granted the right to vote and hold office in Wyoming. Then tour through the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site, which housed ‘violent outlaws’ like Butch Cassidy. The University of Wyoming Art Museum, UW Geological Museum, and Laramie Plains Museum have collections worth seeing.
  • Encampment. Visit the Grand Encampment Museum and stroll through over a dozen historical buildings that are complete with artifacts showcasing the mining, timber, and agricultural industries in the Upper Platte Valley in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
  • Rawlins. Another prison – this one was built in 1901 and incarcerated over 13,500 people over 80 years. Rawlins Frontier Prison operated until the 1980s, and if you take a tour, you can learn about its fascinating, dark, and eerie past.
  • Southwest of South Pass City. Off US-287, take the 19-mile Wyoming Women’s Suffrage Pathway on WY-28. Learn about the first women granted the right to vote and hold political office in the U.S.
  • Wind River Indian Reservation Driving Tour. On this self-guided tour, learn about the culture and history of the Native Americans who live here.
  • Dubois. The National Bighorn Sheep Center has exhibits about the magnificent mammals that roam this area. Take a solo or guided tour to see them in their natural environment.
  • Grand Teton National Park. A striking landscape of jagged peaks silhouetted against gorgeous skies, valleys, lakes, rivers, and wildlife – the park will inspire you with its majestic beauty.

Car Shipping To and From Wyoming

Are you looking to ship your vehicle to Wyoming from another part of the country? Caravan Auto Transport’s network of vetted, licensed, and insured auto transporters offers safe, efficient transport of your automobile to its destination without running up the miles on the odometer. These reputable Wyoming car shipping companies provide the following services:

Open Car Transport

The most common method of car transportation, open transport carriers are ideal if you’re looking for an affordable shipping option with speedy delivery. As the name suggests, your car is loaded onto an open-air trailer along with several other vehicles headed to the same destination.

Enclosed Auto Transport

If you desire enhanced security or protection for your vehicle, you may wish to arrange enclosed carrier shipping. Inside a covered trailer, your car has protection from harsh weather conditions and road hazards like dust and dirt. Shipping your vehicle in a closed carrier also enhances its safety during transit by keeping the car concealed.

Door-to-Door Car Shipping

With a door-to-door car shipping service, you choose the desired pick-up and drop-off locations rather than having to arrange getting your vehicle to or from a transport terminal. Door-to-door shipping is the most convenient choice for shipping your car to or from Wyoming, saving you time and effort.

Expedited Shipping

In a hurry to get your car from one location to the next? Upgrading to expedited shipping ensures seamless pick-up and drop-off of your vehicle on your schedule. As a priority customer, you receive fast, timely service, so you can get back to driving that much quicker.

Classic and Antique Car Transport

When it comes to transporting a classic car, you want an auto transport company that can deliver your vehicle without a single dent or scratch. From a vintage Mustang to an antique DeVaux Sports Coupe, our network of classic auto transporters has the expertise and equipment to transport your classic car safely, so it arrives in pristine condition.

High End and Luxury Auto Shipping

Exotic car transporters use specialty equipment, like hydraulic lifts and sophisticated tie-downs, along with enclosed trucks, to keep your valuable car safe during every mile of transit. An enclosed car hauler ensures the ultimate protection for your high-end or luxury vehicle, protecting it from dirt, dust, and debris along the way.

We Take Care of Your WY Auto Shipping Needs

From moving off to college to heading south for the winter, there are numerous reasons you may be interested in shipping a car to Wyoming or somewhere outside of the Equality State. Caravan Auto Transport’s network of auto shippers streamlines the car hauling process no matter your reason for transporting your vehicle to or from WY.

Moving and Relocation

When moving cross-country or out-of-state, many people choose to ship their cars rather than add a long road trip to an already stressful and exhausting relocation experience. Leave the logistics of moving your vehicle in the hands of professionals with either open or enclosed vehicle shipping services.


Do you fly south for the winter? Given Wyoming’s frigid winters, it’s not hard to understand why. Start enjoying your escape from the snow, ice, and short winter days that much sooner by shipping your car and meeting it at your sunny, warm destination — whether you’re wintering on the gorgeous sands of Cocoa Beach, Florida, or in Santa Barbara, California’s famed Western Riviera.


Wyoming is home to the strategic missile base, Francis E Warren Air Force Base, located in Cheyenne. Between active duty and reserve forces, Wyoming has over 6,000 military personnel. If you’re one of the brave men and women serving our country, we’re happy to provide you with free quotes and connect you with top-notch car transportation to or from Wyoming.

Online Car Buyers

Whether you’ve found the perfect vehicle on Craigslist, eBay, or AutoTrader, you may need some assistance getting it home, especially if it’s sitting on the other side of the country. Instead of flying out to pick it up and putting hundreds or thousands of miles on the odometer just to get it to your driveway, arrange for a hauler to transport your new car for you.

College Students

From the venerable University of Wyoming, founded in 1886, to the exclusive private Wyoming Catholic College in Lander, the Equality State has no shortage of top-tier colleges and universities for those seeking to further their education. If you have a college student moving to Wyoming from out-of-state (or vice versa), have their vehicle shipped straight to campus with a fast, affordable auto transport service.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car to Wyoming?

On average, it costs between $500-$1500 to ship a car to Wyoming. Anticipate paying around $1 per mile for the first 1-500 miles, then approximately $.75 for every mile after that. Several factors influence the final cost of shipping your vehicle, including the origin and destination zip codes, the method of transport (open vs. enclosed), the speed of shipment, the type of vehicle, and the time of year. The best way to get an accurate estimate of car shipping costs is by requesting free quotes from our network of auto transport companies.

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