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Landing in the Top 10, Michigan boasts more than 256,200 miles of interstate highways, byways, and rural backroads. Situated among the Great Lakes, this state offers plenty of opportunities to cruise and explore. I-75 runs north-south and connects the two peninsulas, providing easy access to the shores of Lake Erie, Detroit, Central Michigan, Northern Michigan, Mackinac Bridge, and much more. M-119 transforms into the Tunnel of Trees, one of the most iconic scenic byways in the country, a colorful paradise in autumn. Whichever direction you decide to take, there’s something beautiful to experience in the Midwestern state of Michigan.

Considering the endless recreational activities afforded residents in the Great Lake State, it’s easy to see why you need a vehicle to take advantage of it all. You’ll be itching to get your car here ASAP! Caravan Auto Transport makes the process super easy (and affordable). We work with top-rated auto transport services from all over the country, ensuring that you get the right fit for your needs and budget. Caravan does this by offering free quotes from licensed & insured MI vehicle shippers. Quickly compare rates, select service, and save money!

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Things to Know About Driving in the Great Lake State

  • Miles of Roadway: 256,207
  • Major Interstates:
  • North-South: I-75 goes from the upper & lower peninsulas; I-196 is an auxiliary interstate highway that links Grand Rapids, Holland, South Haven, and Benton Harbor.
  • East-West: I-94 travels from New Buffalo to Port Huron; I-69 runs from Kinderhook to Port Huron through the cities of Flint and Lansing
  • Average Commute Time: Tied for 26th slowest commute in the US (along with North Carolina) at 24.5 minutes
  • Most Popular Car: Chevrolet Malibu

Steps to Take After Shipping Your Vehicle to Michigan

You’ll probably be itching to go exploring as soon as your car arrives in Michigan. Before you take off for your first adventure, be sure to go over the following steps.

1. Understand Michigan Residency

If you’re moving to the state of Michigan from another state and plan to establish permanent residence here, you’ll need to take the required steps when it comes to vehicle registration, car insurance, and more. It can be challenging to establish a precise date of residency, but there are several ways to help prove you are a resident of the Great Lake State:

  • You obtain a MI driver license
  • You register your vehicle here
  • You vote in the state of Michigan
  • You register a recreational vehicle
  • You pay in-state tuition
  • You file state taxes
  • You become a licensed professional

2. Update Insurance to Comply with MI Laws

Each state sets its own laws regarding auto insurance minimums. Michigan legally requires you to buy an insurance policy from a licensed CT insurance agent with the following coverage:

  • $10,000 property damage liability per accident: Property liability coverage pays for any damage done to another car or property in an accident in which you are the at-fault driver.
  • $20,000 bodily injury liability per person/$40,000 per accident: Bodily injury liability coverage helps to cover another person’s injuries for which you are at fault.
  • Personal injury protection (unlimited): PIP, also known as no-fault insurance, covers the medical expenses of both injured passengers and policyholders.
  • $1 million property protection within Michigan: This portion of insurance covers up to $1 million in damages caused by your vehicle to another person’s property.

3. Title and Register Your Vehicle

If you ship a car into Michigan from out of state and plan to live here permanently, you must apply for title and registration immediately (there is no grace period).

  • Title: A title shows your proof of ownership of the vehicle in the state of Michigan. To obtain a certificate of title, you must provide proof of identity, ownership, and required insurance coverage, complete the application form along with a VIN verification, and pay any applicable fees and taxes. For more information on titling your car, click here.
  • Registration: Additionally, you must register your vehicle, plus obtain a metal license plate, a registration certificate, and a registration decal. You can complete the initial registration at the time of titling. For more information on motor vehicle registration, click here.

4. Obtain a Valid Michigan Driver License

You must obtain a Michigan license immediately (there is no grace period). You must surrender your out-of-state driver license or apply for a new one at a Secretary of State office. During the application process:

  • Pass a vision test
  • Pass physical standards
  • Surrender your out-of-state license
  • Bring documentation: social security number, photo ID, US citizenship or legal presence, and proof of Michigan residency
  • Pay applicable fees

5. Winter Driving Recommendations

No two ways about it – Michigan winters can be brutal. Frigid and snowy conditions require you to exercise diligence when navigating roads. The Department of State and the Michigan Sheriff’s Department highly recommend you have the following in the trunk of your vehicle: flashlight, blanket, extra set of warm clothes, shovel, battery-operated radio, a bag of cat litter or sand (for traction), and a tow rope.

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Top 3 Places to Go for a Drive (After Shipping Your Car) in Michigan

After your car has been shipped to Michigan, we feel it’s a safe bet you’ll want to get on the open road! Are you looking for the best drives around the Great Lake State? Here are the Top 3 picks.

Tunnel of Trees

If you love fall colors, the Tunnel of Trees in Northern Michigan is the place to be during autumn! At about 30 miles long, drivers (and avid bicyclists) get to enjoy awe-inspiring colors, cool breeze, and tranquil nature. This roadway is one of the state’s most iconic destinations, as well as one of the most beautiful roads in the United States. Located on M-119, it offers the experience of being engulfed in a tree tunnel. M-119 turns into the Tunnel of Trees just North of Harbor Springs. The highway becomes a narrow passageway, traveling 20 miles along a bluff that oversees Lake Michigan. Along with beautiful nature, there are several restaurants, entertaining shops, and historical interests along the way.

  • Cross Village: Home to Legs Inn, a Heritage Museum, and Three Pines Studio & Gallery, Cross Village is a great first stop along the Tunnel of Trees. This quiet town overlooks Lake Michigan – there’s a famous white cross above the lake on a bluff – and is a magnet for those wanting to enjoy the natural beauty and peace of the area.
  • Good Hart: With literally three businesses occupying its downtown area, Good Hart is a hamlet that will win over your heart. It’s home to Good Hart General Store, which has a genuine vibe of its own. One part post office, one part deli, one part grocery, and more, it’s worth just the opportunity to take a pic. But you’ll probably at least want to grab something yummy from the bakery, too.
  • Harbor Springs: Situated on Little Traverse Bay, Harbor Springs is a go-to vacation spot. Along with absolutely gorgeous scenic views and historical sites, it’s home Pond Hill Farm. This farm is a main attraction, especially for families. Children enjoy petting animals, eating sundaes, and exploring the inner works of a farm. Adults indulge in farm-fresh meals and winetasting at the Garden Café. Into hiking? Balsam & Cedar Trails offers up swampland, dunes, and ponds.
  • Petoskey Area: Magnus Municipal Park, Bear River Valley Recreation Area, Lake Michigan Water Trail Northwest, Odawa Casino… these are just some of the attractions that you can find in and around the town of Petoskey. Also known for its Victorian houses, there are no less than 500 historic homes that are part of the National Historic Register.

River Road Scenic Byway

At 22 miles, River Road Scenic Byway is not the longest scenic road around, but it’s a beautiful one that will most likely capture your heart. The scenic byway runs through the Huron National Forest – it’s located in the Lower Peninsula and offers myriad outdoor recreational activities on more than 438,500 acres – and along the Au Sable River (French for ‘River of Sand’). If you enjoy picnicking, camping, or taking a stroll through the forest, then this is your destination type. Visitors have numerous opportunities to take advantage of the natural splendor. Extending from Lake Huron to the historic town of Oscoda in the Lake Huron area. Here are some highlights:

  • Loud Dam Pond and Five Channels Dam Pond: Love fishing? Some of the best salmon, trout, large & smallmouth bass, crappie, and walleye are abundant at these two popular ponds!
  • Largo Springs: At the end of 294 steps, pools of crystal clear water, boardwalks, and waterfalls await you. This area is also a fantastic spot for taking in the incredible colors of fall.
  • Highbanks Trail: Seven miles long, this trail goes from bluffs to Cooke Dam Pond. It’s also open for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing (though the paths are not maintained during winter).
  • Lumberman’s Monument: Three 14-foot tall bronze figures comprise this monument dedicated to the lumber industry. Visit the Lumberman’s Visitor Center to explore logging history.
  • Corsair Trail System: Found in the middle of the Huron National Forest, this system comprises 15 trail loops that cover 44 miles in total.
  • Foote Site Park: This is the only public swimming beach along River Road Scenic Byway. There’s also a double-deck paddlewheel boat and camping opportunities.
  • Tuttle Marsh National Wildlife Area: Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts love this spot! Tuttle Marsh boasts wetlands, mudflats, marshes, and forest areas filled with fantastic wildlife.

Whitefish Bay National Forest Scenic Byway

Looking for the best scenic route in the Upper Peninsula? Look no further than Whitefish Bay National Scenic Byway. At about 27 miles long, this scenic section is a National Forest Scenic Byway that travels alongside Hiawatha National Forest, Lake Superior, and Whitefish Bay. Those into cultural history and natural beauty will be spoiled with both during this incredible scenic auto tour. Along with offering a great scenic drive, there are numerous opportunities for nature viewing, camping, and staying in cabins. This route ends near Point Iroquois. Some top destinations include:

  • Bay View Campground and Monocle Lake Campground: Ever wanted to camp along a lake? How about an amazing one like Lake Superior? Bay View is the top choice! Monocle Lake Campground offers peace & quiet along with prime fishing, swimming, and hiking.
  • Tahquamenon Falls State Park: As one of the most popular parks (and second-largest) in Michigan, Tahquamenon Falls State Park is home to 46,000 acres of pristine nature and impressive waterfalls. Whitefish Bay National Forest Scenic Byway does not directly travel along this park, but its proximity makes it a place you don’t want to miss.
  • Point Iroquois Lighthouse: Found on a bluff in Chippewa County, Point Iroquois Lighthouse marks the end of the journey along Whitefish Bay National Forest Scenic Byway. Named after warriors massacred in 1662, the lighthouse is now an icon of the area and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Car Shipping to and from Michigan

Looking to ship your vehicle to Michigan from another part of the country? Caravan Auto Transport’s network of vetted, licensed, and insured auto transporters offers safe, efficient transport of your automobile to its destination without running up the miles on the odometer. These reputable Michigan car shipping companies provide the following services:

Open Car Transport

The most common method of car transportation, open transport carriers are ideal if you’re looking for an affordable shipping option with speedy delivery. As the name suggests, your car is loaded onto an open-air trailer along with several other vehicles headed to the same destination.

Enclosed Auto Transport

If you desire enhanced security or protection for your vehicle, you may wish to arrange enclosed carrier shipping. Inside a covered trailer, your car has protection from harsh weather conditions and road hazards like dust and dirt. Shipping your vehicle in a closed carrier also enhances its safety during transit by keeping the car concealed.

Door-to-Door Car Shipping

With a door-to-door car shipping service, you choose the desired pick-up and drop-off locations rather than having to arrange getting your vehicle to or from a transport terminal. Door-to-door shipping is the most convenient choice for shipping your car to or from, saving you time and effort.

Expedited Shipping

In a hurry to get your car from one location to the next? Upgrading to expedited shipping ensures a seamless pick-up and drop-off of your vehicle on your schedule. As a priority customer, you receive fast, timely service, so you can get back to driving that much quicker.

Classic and Antique Car Transport

When it comes to transporting a classic car, you want an auto transport company that can deliver your vehicle without a single dent or scratch. From vintage Mustangs to antique DeVaux Sports Coupes, our network of classic auto transporters has the expertise and equipment to transport your classic car safely, so it arrives in pristine condition.

High End and Luxury Auto Shipping

Exotic car transporters use specialty equipment, like hydraulic lifts and sophisticated tie-downs, along with enclosed trucks, to keep your valuable car safe during every mile of transit. An enclosed car hauler ensures the ultimate protection for your high-end or luxury vehicle, protecting it from dirt, dust, and debris along the way.

We Take Care of Your MI Auto Shipping Needs

From moving off to college to settling into your golden years along the Great Lakes, there are so many reasons you may be interested in shipping a car to Michigan or somewhere outside of the Great Lake State. Caravan Auto Transport’s network of auto shippers streamlines the car hauling process no matter your reason for transporting your vehicle to or from MI.

Moving and Relocation

When moving cross-country or out-of-state, many people choose to ship their cars rather than add a long road trip to an already stressful and exhausting relocation experience. Leave the logistics of moving your vehicle in the hands of professionals with either open or enclosed vehicle shipping services.

Limited Outdoor Recreation

Are you dreaming of all the activities & destinations in Michigan? The Great Lake State certainly does not disappoint! From the Great Lakes and Mackinac Island to Tahquamenon Falls, there’s an endless list of things to do in the great outdoors: boating, fishing, kayaking, hunting, hiking, and so much more. Start your adventures that much sooner by shipping your car and meeting it at your Michigan destination – whether your home base is in Detroit or along the Lake Superior shores in Marquette.


Michigan is home to 2 military bases. From Selfridge ANGB Air Force Base in Harrison to Detroit Arsenal Army Base in Warren, tens of thousands of military personnel call the Great Lake State home. If you are one of the brave men and women serving our country, we’re happy to serve you with top-notch car transportation to or from Michigan.

Online Car Buyers

Whether you’ve found the perfect vehicle on Craigslist, eBay, or AutoTrader, you may need some assistance getting it home, especially if it’s sitting on the other side of the country. Instead of flying out to pick it up and putting hundreds or thousands of miles on the odometer to get it to your driveway, arrange for a hauler to transport your new car for you.

College Students

From the Top 25 school University of Michigan to the more intimate Hillsdale College, Michigan has no shortage of top-tier colleges and universities for those seeking to further their education. If you have a college student moving to Michigan from out-of-state (or vice versa), have their vehicle shipped straight to campus with a fast, affordable auto transport service.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car to Michigan?

On average, it costs between $500-$1500 to ship a car to Michigan. Anticipate paying around $1 per mile for the first 1-500 miles, then approximately $.75 for every mile after that. Several factors influence the final cost of shipping your vehicle, including the origin and destination zip codes, the method of transport (open vs. enclosed), the speed of shipment, the type of vehicle, and the time of year. The best way to get an accurate estimate of car shipping costs is by requesting free quotes from our network of auto transport companies.

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